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Expanding living space outside is a wonderful way to appreciate the charm of nature without losing the coziness of home.

Fire Line Outdoor biofireplace is a crucial item for those who value spending their time outdoors during numerous night and day events with friends and family. It’s exceptional design and a commitment to quality, make an enjoyable gathering place and provide entertainment.

Its natural flames forming a line, create truly relaxing and electrifying atmosphere. Gazing at a fire has been always hypnotizing, so it will help keep any patio looking and feeling truly attractive. Thanks to the use of ethanol fuel, the fireplace burns absolutely without smoke or smell and the only by-products of the combustion process are water and carbon dioxide in trace amounts.

The product is designed in a way so that it requires an absolute minimum of maintenance while using modern materials, Planika provides the highest level of safety and comfort of use.

What is more, Fire Line Outdoor is absolutely safe and perfect for luxurious commercial areas, such as restaurants and hotels, SPA resorts. Fire Line Outdoor brings a real touch of luxury and becomes a focal point of one’s backyard. All the pleasure-seekers will be contented to feast their eyes on this astonishing product that will meet any stylish needs.

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