Dovre 280 Cast Iron Gas Stoves

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The Dovre 280 traditional gas stove is an all new model that blends Dovre’s pedigree in casting with the latest gas flame technology. This traditional gas stove not only looks highly realistic but also provides you with effective and controllable warmth. The distinctive Dovre 280 gas stove model is available in both balanced flue and conventional flue versions. This gas stove comes with a log effect fire and has a choice of remote controls to allow you to adjust the flame effect and heat output. Furthermore, you can enjoy the enticing glow of the ember effect without any heat output at all!

  • All cast iron construction
  • Colour matched enamel flue pipe available
  • Optional remote controls
  • High efficiency: up to 81%
  • Max heat output: 3.4kW (CF) & 3.5kW (BF)
  • Ignition system requires no electricity supply
  • Top or rear flue exit: 125mm (CF)/152 mm (BF)
  • LPG and Natural Gas versions available
  • Automatic safety shutdown in the event of pilot light failure or flue blockage
  • Weight: 50kg (CF)/54.4kg (BF)
  • Dovre 280 electric stove version available

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