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Here is RAIS’ new suggestion for a small, functional and simple stove with a cubist look. Q-Tee typically matches a minor heating need and small rooms. Common sense and classical design. An almost cute stove which gives a room soul. The stove has an air-cooled and a sturdy closing system. Also a shaking grate and an ash tray. You can choose the basic model and place it on the floor or on a plate – or you can emphasise the stove by placing it on a bench or e.g. a concrete base. Furthermore, Q-Tee is available in three heights 57 cm, 65 cm and 85 cm. Available with glass door or steel frame. The stove is available with top or rear outlet for the flue duct. Air-System is also available for Q-Tee.

Min-max output2-6 kwh

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